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As a Southern California Wedding Planner and Event Producer, Dee Lee Designs has had the pleasure of being an integral part of many milestone celebrations and beyond. However, since the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have shared in the emotional burdens our 2020 brides have had to face with having to make the decision to postpone or cancel their dream weddings.  Our world changed overnight. Planners, brides, vendors, and venues are now navigating uncharted waters together.

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Because Dee Lee Designs knows that your wedding day is one of the biggest investments of your life, we are here to guide you in making the right decisions for your big day.  So much energy, money, and time goes into creating this beautiful day.  Just like you would buy insurance for a car or home, your wedding day investment should be protected.  Many of you have been asking if insurance covers COVID-19 related situations.  Currently there is no insurance coverage for COVID-19 however, there is a multitude of things that wedding day insurance does cover. 

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Wedding insurance is categorized as a special event insurance that can cover you for unexpected financial losses resulting from various circumstances, including alcohol related incidents, unexpected illness, cancellation, theft of wedding gifts, extreme weather, etc.  Don’t let Murphy’s Law rear its way into your wedding day.  Did you know that 21% of claims are made because of damage to the venue or guest property?

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As it is, weddings and events pose liability concerns; therefore, it is important for you to know your coverage and options.  There are five different options to consider when buying insurance. Know the coverages and what you are buying into. Dee Lee Designs is here to show you what are the options to consider when purchasing special event insurance per Below is the breakdown of coverages:

Wedding and Event Liability: Covers liability at the venue for property damage or injuries to guests that you may be held responsible for. 

Host Liquor Liability: Will protect you against liquor-related incidents. If you are hosting a wedding at home, this may also be something you need to consider.

Venue or Additional Insured Liability: If your wedding requires you to provide liability coverage for the venue or additional named insureds, you may have to add them to the policy.

Cancellation or Postponement: Reimbursements of any nonrefundable lost deposits up to the limit of the policy.

Additional or Special Coverages: If you want to insure your dress, or tuxedo, gifts, photographs or other items against damage or theft (i.e. if you rip your wedding dress accidentally). 

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Below are the “7 Best Wedding Insurance Policies of 2020.”

Travelers Wedding Insurance: Best Overall

Wedsure: Best for Customized Options & Change of Heart

Wedsafe: Best for Wedding Liability Coverage

Wedding Protector Plan: Best for Cancellation Insurance

Markel Insurance Wedding Insurance: Best for Keeping It Simple

Event Helper: Best for Local Friendly Service (USA)

USAA: Best For Members of the Military

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When considering what insurance company is best for you, look into the specifics of the coverage, any value-added services, deductibles, and coverage limits.  Insurance policies vary from state to state.   Prioritize what needs to be insured.  Create a list. Here are some factors to consider:

Cost of Wedding.

Big tickets items or vendors

Amount of the Deductibles.

Number of Guests.

Type of Venue.

Give yourself the peace of mind.  It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your wedding day in an investment.  Protect it and walk into your wedding day feeling confidently knowing that you picked the right policy for you. 

Planner Power Perspective

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COVID-19 Wedding Planning Tips & Wedding Day Insurance

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